Mike Eastman

CPM Australia Director

We love getting to tell people about the good news of Jesus! Every time a student is enrolled in our training course is an opportunity to teach another man or woman about the eternal hope that they can have through faith in Him.

If you know a man or woman who is currently in prison, and needs to hear about God's grace, then you can enrol them for free Bible lessons through Crossroads - all you need to know is the student's name, MIN number and last known location. We'll even send them a free NIV Bible as part of their welcome pack.

They will only be enrolled with Crossroads when they return the first lesson that is in the welcome pack, and if they choose not to participate then that is ok - they can keep the Bible and we won't send them anymore lessons.

It is our prayer that the student you are signing up would come to know of God's great love for them, and see their life transformed for God's glory.

The Student Experience

We have over 100 Bible lessons, ranging from introductory materials right through to advanced studies. Every time a student finished a course they get a certificate of completion and a free book. And upon request we can also supply a letter of recommendation to the parole board, judge, or prospective employee once they have completed their first course through Crossroads.

How it works:

1. Crossroads sends a lesson to a student

2. The student completes the lesson and sends it back to Crossroads

3. Crossroads sends the next lesson to the student, and sends the completed lesson to a mentor

4. As the student works on their next lesson, the mentor reviews the completed lesson and mails it back to the student along with an encouraging note.

As the student-mentor relationship develops, the student is able to ask questions, and both the mentor and student can share life stories to encourage each other through God’s work in their lives.

Sign up a student

You can enrol someone you know into Crossroads’ study program using the form below.

Upon receipt of this form we will send the nominated student a welcome pack with their first lesson and a free NIV Bible. If the student does not wish to continue with the study program they are under no obligation to complete the first lesson. We will only enrol them into our program upon receipt from the student of their first lesson.